Weskey's Zoom de La Brise
(CH La Brise Cotton-Tail Rabbit x Zibeline du Val d'Ares)
Little Zoom is a lot of dog in a tiny package. At 1 year of age she barely makes standard (15") but lives up to her name 24/7! Zoom is co-owned with Elsie Wesdyk of Weskeys Pyr Sheps, Border Collies & Tervs in SK..

Zoom has an excellent head and expression with lovely dark eyes, excellent proportions, and let-down of hock, and an outstanding side gait like her dad.
Zoom at 7 weeks
Zoom at 7 weeks with Zeba. Like mother like daughter!
Zoom at 3 weeks
Zoom at 5 weeks
Zoom at 7 weeks with her brother,
Zoom at 3 weeks
Zoom at 1 year, running with her friend Breeze
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