CH Amaya La Brune
(Muscadin x Tremieres)
Maya was born in the high Pyrenees & died in the mountains of Arizona, in the arms of her loved ones, Jean & Emilio.
But of thee it shall be said,
This dog watched beside a bed
    Day and night unweary, -
Watched within a curtained room,
Where no sunbeam brake the gloom
    Round the sick and dreary.

Roses, gathered for a vase,
In that chamber died apace,
    Beam and breeze resigning -
This dog only, waited on,
Knowing that when light is gone,
    Love remains for shining.

Other dogs in Thymy dew
Tracked the hares and followed through
    Sunny moor or meadow -
This dog only, crept and crept
Next a languid cheek that slept,
    Sharing in the shadow.

                                        -Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Maya, age 13
Maya, gorgeous at age 15, enjoying life in AZ with Jean & Emilio
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Maya, age 4