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CH Urrugne de l'Estaube
(Sarrat de l'Estaube x Railhere de l'Estaube)

May 23, 1983 - December 11, 2001
A memorial page for Blythe.
Please record your thoughts and memories in the guest book.

Blythe at 14
Blythe at 16
Blythe at 15
Blythe at 18
Blythe at 17 with Colin & Jib at the 2000 PSCA National Specialty
Blythe with Jim, 1989
Blythe & Patricia in Paris, 1987
Blythe & Patricia at Les Baux, Provence, 1989.
Many thanks to Alain Pecoult for the photograph!
Blythe at 15 winning Best Expression at the National Specialty under judge Jean-Jacques Dupas
Beauty without vanity
Strength without insolence
Courage without ferocity
And all the virtues of man without his vices

-Lord Byron